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background : the reason of the importance of catching methanes


Design and Practical Consideration








Methane is 25 times more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. In particular, methane from cow burps has become a significant problem. Methane-producing bacteria play a vital role in the bacterial flora of cattle and are challenging to control. At the same time, from a different perspective, cows can be regarded as a generator of methane, a resource that costs 350 yen per day.

Therefore, in order to prevent the "MOTTAINAI" emission of these resources, we propose a new method to quickly absorb methane from the body of cows and collect it with their feces. In order to absorb methane from the body, we employ nanoparticles of MOF, which are porous and have a vast surface area, and grow many DNA-RNA double strands on the surface of the nanoparticles to control their size at any given time based on their self-assembly and separation, facilitating their collection by filtration. The DNA-RNA strand is regenerable, and this MOF-based recovery platform can be reused many times.

Although Simulation and experimental results did not show that the size of the MOF can be controlled by self-assembly as desired, this reusable platform, which prevents methane from diffusing into the atmosphere and allows its use as a resource, is a new path toward an EDO-cyclical society.